Volume 1: How to create the perfect survey

There is a need for more accurate, meaningful and actionable survey results in every organization that gathers feedback through online surveys and paper forms.


Surveys: Everything you need to know

Based on the contents, practices, and results from 485 colleges and universities, here are the BEST solutions to transform your surveys into engaging, meaningful and effective exercise.


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lets-talkDr. Matthew Champagne has influenced the practice of evaluation and assessment in higher education and learning organizations for nearly 20 years. As an instructor, Senior Research Fellow, evaluator, consultant, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Champagne has created and implemented innovative feedback technologies in hundreds of organizations across every industry.His current missions are to (1) rid the world of poorly created surveys that annoy customers and misinform organizations, and (2) educate the world on creating surveys that increase response rates, gather timely and meaningful feedback, and rapidly improve customer service and retention.

When not researching, writing, presenting or consulting, “Doc” can usually be found on a cruise ship with his wife and three children, on stage with his rock band, or scuba diving in the Caribbean.