How do I improve my surveys?

Embedded Assessment is the systematic application of decision-making and psychometric theory to a survey process.

About Doc

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D. has influenced the practice of evaluation and assessment in higher education and learning organizations for nearly 20 years. As an instructor, Senior Research Fellow, evaluator, consultant, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Champagne has created and implemented innovative feedback technologies in hundreds of organizations across every industry. Here are the titles he has worn:

  • Director of the IDEA Lab – founder of the first U.S. university laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of web-based training and learning
  • Senior Research Fellow – evaluator of U.S. military training for the Army Research Institute
  • Senior Evaluator for the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education
  • Researcher, Author, Speaker – 60+ books/articles/chapters/papers, 85+ invited presentations/events/conferences
  • Principal Investigator – 14 federal and philanthropic grants for distance learning and training projects of national impact ($10 million)
  • Pioneering Entreprenuer – co-founder of IOTA Solutions, creator of the first automated course evaluation system in higher education (MyClassEvaluation™)
  • Practitioner – created, reviewed, and critiqued 5200 surveys for organizations across every industry
  • Consultant to dozens of Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology – thesis advisor to 16 PhD & MS candidates, formal advisor for 80 undergraduate students across various disciplines, prepped 12 course titles, and learned much about feedback from his students
  • Chair, University Evaluation Committee – creator and advisor on evaluation instruments
  • Life-long Student – continue to attend/monitor online courses from client schools and MOOCs (most recently Coursera, Udacity, and EdX to learn from the student perspective

Learn more about Doc’s research, credentials, and experience at his RESEARCH website or on his LINKEDIN profile.
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